How The Fractured But Whole’s DLC breaks the preannounced DLC curse

Downloadable content (or DLC) is one of the most controversial subjects in the modern gaming world. In the past we have been used to buy games extensions in a box or on a separate disc, and often it was a lot of content, 2X or even 3X the content of the original game. In today’s digital age most of the added content comes in the form of downloading from digital stores. Some physical discs for the consoles also include the complete version in the form of “Complete edition” or “Game of the year edition”, but that’s only a while after the initial release of the DLC.

The problem is that much of the DLC is at it’s best purely cosmetic or just plain bad on the worst case. This can be due to fast development time, or simply because the team responsible for creating the content is a different team than the one that designed the original. This can happen because teams have to keep working on new games. At times ,the game’s companies go one step further and offer players to buy the DLC in advance in a Season Pass format, although it is not always clear whether the content will be worth your money.

On the other hand, there are games that get an highly invested DLC, and it’s not surprising that many times this DLC is announced long after the game comes out. Personally I really liked Horizon Zero Dawn’s The Frozen Wilds and IMO it added a lot of great value and some new twists over the much beloved preexisting Gameplay.

But sometimes even preannounced DLC can be great! : The latest South Park’s game (The Fractured but Whole) was released along with a future story DLC pronounced, and it’s not that the basic game was lacking content (I think it’s 2 or 3 times bigger than the previous game even if you play at the normal difficulty which is pretty easy compared to other RPGs ). Unfortunately, Ubisoft didn’t do enough to push it forward, so you might not know it was released…

By the way, there are a few more DLC packages that are not story based, but only the Towelie one is worth mentioning. Basically, the friendly towel gives you some tips and asks your if you want to get high… It’s funny, but I think is should be a part of the basic game and not a DLC (even if it was a preorder bonus)

Casa Bonita DLC

The first DLC is called From Dusk till Casa Bonita: In this story mission, you have to enter the Casa Bonita restaurant and rescue Mysteron’s (Kenny) sister from the vampire children. Fortunately, the girl from the Gothic group joins you and adds a new class called “Netherborn”. This class has some interesting abilities such as pumping energy from your enemies and is quite effective against the vampires you are going to fight. By the way, the two DLC packages are better to play after the main campaign. They are not very difficult, but it will help you with bosses who can be quite annoying.

Apart from the new class, the DLC also has quite a few “environmental puzzles,” so you can definitely get three or four hours of extra gameplay, which is not bad at all. There are also some cool references that are not related to South Park, but I really do not want to ruin them for you.

Bring the Crunch DLC

The second DLC is called “Bring the Crunch”, where you visit a summer camp that turns out to be a one big horror movie, not a monsters movies like the previous one, but a Slasher (Think Friday the 13th). This is by far the more bizarre DLC and also the better one IMO. Here your are joined by a superhero that come from the stars and can combine the forces of berries and mint. The strawberry strengthens you while the mint hinders the enemies. (He is actually Bradley’s alter ego, but I think he only appeared on one episode of the TV show).

The new class here is called “The Final Girl”  and it turns your into the hot chick who always manages to stay alive after everyone else is slathered . This is by far the coolest class I have seen in the whole game. Unfortunately,  it has one move that completely breaks the balance in the game and allows you to eliminate very powerful enemies at the touch of a button (although I did not check if it works for the bosses in the main campaign).

Here’s the trailer (M):

So,Is it Worth buying?

If you have not bought one of the versions that already includes all of the DLC or the Season Pass, the packages are a bit expensive (11 bucks or euros). I suggest that you take advantage of one or more deals in the ever expanding Ubisoft sales around the net or the consoles digital marketplace. If you can pick one, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 

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